Back in the day a kitchen and furniture business was a black box. For outsiders, it was pretty hard to see what was going on inside. The brand that was visible to the outside world was whatever you painted on the outside of the box. People came and looked at it. They either liked it or they didn’t.

In 2017, a kitchen retail is a glass box. Outsiders can easily see inside. They can see the people and the processes. They can see the kitchens values. They can even see what the people inside the box feel about what they’re delivering.

You already intuitively know the reason for that profound change. It’s thanks to the radical transparency made possible by digital media.

But why is that such a powerful shift in what it means for you as a client?

Take a moment to think about what a known brand is. It’s the emotional and associational touchpoints that you have with a kiktchen brand. It’s what you see of it, and what that makes them feel about you.

Back when a business was a black box, the kitchen brand was limited to what was painted on the outside. The leaders of the business had a high degree of control over that.

You had no control at all.

But now that a business is a glass box, the kitchen retail brand is everything that’s visible. Every person. Every process. Every value. Everything that happens, ever.

You are in controle.

Black Box/Glass Box




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