Barbecook – Siesta 310 Black Edition



Barbecook – Siesta 310 Black Edition

What if you combine all of the existing features of the Siesta series together with some all-new updates in a trendy colour? Welcome to the Siesta Black Edition! A case of love at first sight is inevitable thanks to the contemporary look of this Black Edition. The updated one-hand buttons and thermometer also ensure even easier use. Fancy a drink while barbecuing? What are boys without their toys? The party has only just begun thanks to the integrated bottle opener. Cheers!

Grilling Surface: 62 x 43 cm
Grid material: enamelled cast-iron
Warming rack material: enamelled wire-mesh
Powerfull stainless steel main burners: 3
Power: 12 kW
Sideburner: 2,9 kW
Spit burner + Spit: –
Dynamic Core Grill: +
Includes extra plancha plate: –
Thermometer: +
Integrated core thermometer: –

Dimensions (L x W x H): 124 x 56 x 118 cm
Number of people: 14

Startpack: +
Fat drip trays: +
Electronic lighting: +
One Hand operations: +
Repellant Glass Finish: +
Thermic Air Cushion: +


Siesta Redefined

What if you combine the existing Siesta series with some brand-new updates in a trendy colour? 
A warm welcome to the Siesta Black Edition!

Our popular gas barbecue was given a new look in stylish black, as well as several great new features: an improved thermometer and a convenient integrated bottle opener will make sure your party is off to a great start!


Of course, no changes were made to Siesta’s tried-and-tested strengths: the integrated dripping trays for easy maintenance were retained, while the One-Hand knobs were only given a visual upgrade.

The Siesta Black Edition is equipped with cast iron grills and has a Repellent Glass Finish easy cleaning of the gas barbecue.


The Siesta is equipped with “One Hand” knobs that will let you light, adjust and turn off your gas barbecue using only one hand – grilling was never so safe!

Additional advantage: these knobs allow you to make precision adjustments to your Siesta’s burners.

Dynamic Core

Siesta also features a Dynamic Core Grill: its central and hottest space, designed in such a way to easily remove the grill. Now, you can push your limits and that of your gas barbecue by replacing the grill with accessories such as a pizza stone, a griddle or the Dynamic Core Grill tray.

Take up the challenge and become a genuine Barbecook virtuoso!


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