Hood 90cm – WHC943A1XGB




Freestanding wall chimney cooker hood

Freestanding wall cooker hood / Control setting: Touch control Max. noise level: 62 dB(A)re 1 pW / Maximum extraction rate by extraction operation: 451 m³/h / Airflow boost position (PowerBoost 1) – extraction: 737 m³/h / Energy class: B / Gorenje / Advanced Line / Dimensions (W×H×D): 90 × 10 × 50.5 cm

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Polyurethane filter

Benefits of polyurethane foam
Unique aluminium grease filters are enhanced with a special polyurethane foam that eliminates up to 98% of all grease particles and other impurities. At the same time, the hood maintains its absorption efficiency.


Automatic fan operation
A special sensor, when in automatic operating mode, senses the level of impurities or steam, humidity and gasses and responds 
suitably. It automatically adjusts the fan speed accordingly or, when it is no longer needed, even completely stops the fan.

TouchFree coating

Shiny and fingerprint-free finish
All stainless steel surfaces are coated with a special TouchFree film that prevents fingerprint markings, leaving the surface always shiny and making cleaning much easier.

Timer and refresh

Always fresh and punctual
Special advantages of new Gorenje hoods include setting the timing for automatic switching off and the refresh function which is activated every hour, refreshing the air for 10 minutes.


See what you’re cooking
LED lighting provides excellent and highly efficient illumination of the cooking hob and represents an important aesthetic and functional element in the kitchen. Its useful life is thirty times as long as that of conventional light bulbs, and it saves up to ten times as much power.

Noise level

More power with less noise
In today’s homes, the kitchen is a new focal point, which in turn has focused attention on noise levels produced by cooker hoods. Over the last few years, the capacity of hoods has increased significantly, and sound-absorbing.

Useful tips


• Remember to switch the cooker hood on before starting to cook, as this maximises the hood’s capacity. 
• Leave the cooker hood running for another 15 minutes once you have finished cooking to remove the last few traces
 of cooking odours. 
• Remember never to open the kitchen window when using a cooker hood, as this affects air circulation and cancels out the low pressure. 
• Choose a cooker hood that is at least as wide as your hob to achieve the best effect.

Additional information

Dimensions 90 × 50.5 × 10 cm


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