Microven 45cm – BCM547ORAB




Combined compact microwave oven

Gorenje by Ora-Ïto 2, IconTouch / Dimensions (W×H×D): 59.5 × 45.5 × 54.6 cm

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HomeMade shape

Abracadabra, perfectly baked!
Inspired by traditional wood-burning ovens, the characteristic rounded shape of Gorenje by Ora ito ovens enables hot air to move around freely. The food is heated evenly from all sides and always perfectly done: crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.


MultiFlow 360˚

You can do it all at once
You don’t need magic powers to bake on five levels at the same time. Smartly positioned ventilation openings on the oven back wall together with the unique rounded shape guarantee optimal circulation of heat within the oven for simultaneous baking on many levels without smells or flavors mixing together.


DC+ System

Effective heat management
The DynamiCooling system efficiently cools the oven exterior (or housing) to prevent any damage caused by high temperature. In ovens with the DynamiCooling+ system, the heat sensors regulate the cooling of the oven exterior walls until they reach a temperature of 60 °C. This is particularly convenient in ovens with the pyrolytic cleaning function which works with extremely high temperatures.



Enjoy the magic of combined operation
No matter what you are preparing, this oven offers the right solution: grill and hot air for larger cuts of meat, grill and microwave combination for pizzas and multi-level microwave power setting for speedy results. Of course, you can also use it as a conventional oven.

Inverter Technology

Snap your fingers and lunch is done
Inverter technology ensures the energy is evenly distributed instead of pulsating, therby shortening the overall microwaving time and lowering the energy consumption. Your lunch will be ready in no time and will retain its vitamins, minerals and fibers.

Stirrer Technology

Say goodbye to uneven heating
It‘s not sorcery, just an advanced microwave distribution system, which heats the food uniformly across the entire volume of the oven and allows the use of a standard-size baking tray in the microwave oven. Conventional turntables and unevenly heated food are a thing of the past.


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